Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

February 29, 2016

There’s nothing like the feeling of coming home.

In 1976, my brother Gary and I started Surroundings Flowers on the Upper West Side.  It was a joy to become part of the community there on 83rd Street and Broadway.  That’s where we began our mission to bring beauty and elegance into people’s lives.  We have been fortunate to make wonderful friends and loyal customer’s by sharing your most intimate and special occasions.

After more than 35 years at two different locations in the neighborhood, we embarked on a new adventure and moved to Harlem.  Our loft space uptown was terrific, but we missed our community on the Upper West Side.  That’s why we just reopened in our new location at Broadway and 102nd Street, where we have lovingly restored a beautiful space back to its original 1920s glamour.

We’re so pleased to have this new ground-level retail store so we can, once again, interact with our neighbors and community.  Everyone at Surroundings Flowers takes great pride and pleasure in astonishing our customers with innovative floral designs and exceptional customer service.  We don’t follow trends, we set them, and we never forget the exquisite details.

It’s great to be back on Broadway celebrating our 40th anniversary in business.  Please stop in and say hello.  We look forward to seeing you!

Warm Regards, Steven Buckwald

Surroundings Flowers celebrating 40 years on the Upper West Side

3 Easy DIY Beauty Treatments Made from Flowers!

June 26, 2015

With all the chemicals used in beauty products these days, it’s really refreshing to discover new and unique ways to care for your body with natural remedies. Luckily, there are tons of sweet smelling blooms with wonderful benefits. Here’s a few ideas on how to put together fresh scrubs, toners and bath salts using roses, lavender, calendula and chamomile.

1. Lavender bath salts – This is incredibly easy to make at home. All you need is a cup of Epsom salt, a cup of sea salt, safflower oil, vitamin E oil and lavender oil. Lavender buds also work well in bath salts, so you can buy dried buds instead of lavender oil and mix them together with the salts. If you decide to use fresh herbs, use immediately because the water in fresh herbs could contaminate the salt. Once mixed, transfer to an airtight container and allow to rest for  a few days so that the salt can fully absorb the lavender scent. You’re well on your way to bath time relaxation.


Image Credit: IyashiHerbs.com

2. Rosewater Toner – Roses have many wonderful qualities that are great for your skin. They are rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants and they protect cells and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Roses can also be use to combat oily and acne skin because of it’s astringent qualities. For a simple rose water recipe, you’ll need fresh rose petals, purified water and pure alcohol. Check out these 4 homemade rose water toner recipes that you can try at home!


Image Credit: MakeupandBeauty.com

3. Chamomile and Calendula Facial Steam – The petals of the calendula flower have anti-inflammatory properties and chamomile is known for its soothing qualities. Facial steams improve circulation to the face and opens pores while soothing your skin. A super easy treatment, all you’ll need is dried calendula petals and chamomile flowers. Boil water and steep the flowers and then simply lean over the steaming bowl of botanicals and drape a towel over your head to create a tent.


Image Credit: Care2.com

You can create wonderful beauty products on your own with very little prep time – and the best part is, your home will smell amazing!

Outrageous Flower Inspired Shoes

June 17, 2015

Flower prints are extremely popular this year so we thought we’d have some fun and show you some fabulous floral friendly shoes that we stumbled across. What do you think? Would you wear any of these shoes?


Satin Prada shoes with plastic flower heels


Image credit: smalltocheap.blogspot.com


Image Credit: aihots.com


Image Credit – Shoeperwoman.com


Image Credit: Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes

National Rose Month – White is Hope and New Beginnings

June 9, 2015

June is National Rose Month. There are so many colors, hybrids and  varieties that choosing the perfect bouquet can be overwhelming. Why not pay homage to days past with a classic cream and white arrangement? White and ivory flowers also happen to be on trend for the 2015 spring and summer season.

Traditionally, the white rose is a symbolized innocence and purity and was a fitting way to say farewell to a friend or to recognize a new beginning. In 14th century England, the white rose was the heraldic sign of The Duke of York who faced off with the Lancaster family, associated with the red rose. This is where the phrase War of the Roses stems from (pun fully intended).

Bask in the beauty of the simple white rose with no color to upstage it.

Sentimental in Silver

BS Sentimental in Silver WM


Image Credit: Wedding Cuteness on Tumblr


Image Credit: BeauXoxo

King Kamehameha Day Floral Parade is a Thing of Beauty

June 1, 2015

Today is Kamehameha Day! This Hawaiian public holiday was first proclaimed by Kamehameha V, as a day to honor his grandfather. Kamehameha the Great first established the unified Kingdom of Hawaii. During his rule, Hawaii was the center of the fur and pineapple trade.

Today the holiday is celebrated with elaborate events based on ancient Hawaiian culture – a floral parade is held each year using breathtaking native florals and plants. After the parade there is a lively block party with food and music and a lei draping ceremony over the famous statue of Kamehameha the Great.

Here are some beautiful photos marking the festive occasion and a few tropically inspired floral arrangement of ours that we think would look fantastic on a parade float!


Photo credit: imgkid.com

This luscious display makes a lovely lei – it’s the ultimate in orchid indulgence



Photo Credit: NaturallyHi.com

This deep purple orchid arrangement looks good enough to eat – it really is eye candy



Photo Credit: Wikimedia.com

Do you have a favorite tropical flower?

Dahlias, Callas and Orchids provide a splash of Marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year

May 26, 2015

We like our reds rich and full bodied – our wedding color reds, that is. This is exactly what Pantone had in mind when they announced their color of the year, Marsala. At first glance you might associate the color with fall and winter wedding trends, but we think that this hue is perfect for summer – either alone or paired with a subtle cool color, like French blue. When it comes to spring flower pairings, you’re also in luck – you can find this color in peonies, dahlias, calla lilies and orchids.


A wonderful warm toned arrangement with our favorite deep red is tangerine dream. It’s stocked with orange roses,  rich red callas and hydrangeas.


To add a pop of French blue, consider adding hydrangeas into the mix – a great example is our new beginnings arrangement which includes dahlias in a marsala tone, along with bright orange, yellow and dusty blue flowers with berry accents.


Orchids can also provide a beautiful splash of red – check out our untamed soul arrangement with a mix of pink and red spray roses and dark red cymbidium orchids.


What color would you pair with Marsala?



This Season’s Hottest Floral Trend

May 18, 2015

Spring and summer 2015 is an exciting time for weddings. This season, weddings are all about individuality and unique style – it’s definitely not the year for retro or throwback trends. Flowers, in particular, are being used in many different ways.

Think dramatic, romantic and versatile: the fresh picked looked is very popular and the top choices for flowers are English roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and ranunculus. Our uniquely sweet arrangement includes several of the top contenders (roses, peonies and hydrangeas!)


If you want to keep it simple with one type of flower, our perfect peonies provide a beautiful burst of coral.


Our favorite trend of 2015 requires you to look up and take note of nature’s candy. We’ve fallen in love with the idea of suspending your centerpieces above your dining tables. Check out these examples of taking your floral arrangements to new heights:

The simple “just picked” look that is so popular right now is a wonderful addition to a reception room or outdoor tent.


Image Credit: Storyboardweddings

Leafy flowers and ferns pack a green punch and can be added to the mix for extra color and variety – you can also try herbs like rosemary, mint, lemon leaf or ivy and maidenhair ferns.


Image Credit: Project Wedding

Tulips are the quintessential springtime flower – hang them upside and pair them with beautiful glass globes or lanterns for a light and airy feel.


Image Credit: Tulle Tales

Make a toast to your beloved under a canopy of beautiful lighting and floating flowers!


Image Credit: Ruffled Blog

These designs can transform any wedding into an ethereal atmosphere. What do you think of suspended floral centerpieces?









Breathtaking Botanical Gardens to Visit

May 12, 2015

The best way to reinvigorate the senses is to be one with nature – so why not kick that up a notch by visiting one of the countries most beautiful botanical gardens? Impressive flower collections are on display, as well as entertainment, shopping and restaurants. We know that we love to visit gardens when we need some inspiration for our centerpieces and arrangements. Check out these four floral friendly escapes:

1. Missouri Botanical Garden – This 79-acre garden in St. Lewis has two other properties outside the city limits: the Sophia M Sachs butterfly house and the 2,400 acre Shaw Nature Reserve. This botanical garden is also known for one of the biggest orchid collections in the US.


2. Lewish Ginter Botanical Garden – This is one of the most visited places in the Richmond, VA area and offers more than 50 acres of beautiful gardens. It also comes complete with a classical domed Conservatory (the only one of its kind in the mid-Atlantic). It also boasts a dozen themed gardens, including the Healing Garden, Fountain Garden, Asian Valley and Victorian Garden.


3. Coastal Maine Botanical Garden – 11,000 tulips bloom every spring on these 270 acres of tidal shoreland. The 2015 theme is Myth, Magic and Medicine. You can learn all about aphrodisiacs, herbal tincture, salves and botanical herbal drawings in their amazing classes.


4. Frederik Meijer Garden & Sculpture Park – Wander down picturesque pathways lined with flowers, listen to a summer concert and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors (along with an array of sculptures) this spring. You can also find kid friendly areas in the kid-sense garden, an 1880′s farmhouse, butterfly maze and the caterpillar room.



5 Flower Arrangements for Every Type of Mom

May 1, 2015
2015 mothers day1

No two moms are alike – that’s why when choosing flowers, it’s important to pick an arrangement that really embodies your mamas style, taste and values. If she’s an earthy activist mum, you might want to consider an organic arrangement or something that looks like it’s been effortlessly picked fresh from your own backyard. Is your madre perpetually frazzled? Choose a soothing selection of flowers with calming lavender to bring her relaxation on Mother’s Day. Here are 5 flower arrangements that suit every type of mom.

  1. The Stylish Mom – You know the one. She wears heels everywhere and always looks tres chic. Fashionista mom loves the finer things in life and enjoys staying on top of current style trends. Choose the ultra-luxurious gemstone inspired arrangement Jewel Box, which includes hydrangeas, roses, lisianthus and veronica.


  1. The Modern Mom – The modern matriarch fills her home with contemporary designs and is a forward thinking individual. She loves avant garde and minimalist designs like the Phalaenopsis White orchid arrangement.

BS Double White Phal_6-20-2014-12-46-55

  1. The Earthy Mom – She doesn’t need anything flashy or over the top. This earthy mama loves gardening and spending time outdoors. She tries her best to go green in everyday life and appreciates an arrangement with flowers like hydrangeas found in Garden Meadow.


  1. The Sentimental Mom – For moms who love sweet and heartfelt declarations of love,  send your nostalgic momma an arrangement of 10 Shades of Pink. It’s a bright and pretty collection of blooms that will bring a smile to her face.


  1. The Stressed Out Mom – Is your mom overworked and worn out? The calming scent of lavender  is the perfect antidote to relieve her anxiety. Elegant Beauty is designed to please the senses with a springtime mix of purples, pinks and whites.

2015 mothers day1

No matter what type of mom you were blessed with, there is always the perfect match out there for her when choosing a special flower arrangement  for Mother’s Day.

Cocktails with Edible Spring Flowers

April 27, 2015

Transform your cocktails into something spectacular with edible spring flowers!

Springtime is all about blooming buds and fragrant flowers in full display – so why not adorn your favorite backyard cocktail with beautiful blooms? You can turn an otherwise run-of-the-mill drink into a tasty and artful concoction by infusing it with flower power. You will find a treasure trove of inspiration in Punch Bowl & Pitcher Drinks by Jeanne Kelley and Sarah Tenaglia (Clarkson Potter, 2015). Use floral liqueurs or infusions (think St. Germain elderflower liqueur or rose syrup) or try our favorite method: simply garnish your luscious libation with edible flowers like orchids. Here are two cocktails (plus an awesome ice mold!) complete with flowery infusions that will leave you twitterpated and flush with spring fever.

Read the full article here


A great choice for a tropical party. Frozen passion fruit pulp can be found at some specialty foods stores and supermarkets. Nonpoisonous purple orchids can be found at most florists. Serves 16

3 cups gold rum

2 cups frozen unsweetened passion fruit pulp (such as Goya)

½ cup fresh lime juice, or more to taste

2 tablespoons Cointreau

4½ × 2-inch lime peel strips

4 cups chilled mandarin orange soda

Orchid and Lime Ice Mold (see below)

Ice cubes

Nonpoisonous purple orchids (optional, for garnish)

  1.  Mix the rum, passion fruit pulp, the ½ cup of lime juice, the Cointreau, and the lime peel in a punch bowl and stir until the frozen passion fruit dissolves. Mix in the soda. Taste, adding more lime juice if desired.
  2.  Gently add the ice mold, top side facing up. Fill small cups with ice. Ladle punch into the glasses and garnish with the orchids, if desired.

Fill a 2-quart mold with water to 2 inches from the top. Add a few orchids, sliced limes, and halved passion fruit, if available (the fruit and leaves will float). Freeze overnight or wrap the frozen mold tightly in plastic wrap and freeze for up to one month. To release, turn the mold upside down. Place under running water until the ice releases.

Tasty and easy!


Rose water is sold at some groceries, specialty foods stores, and Middle Eastern markets. The light musky flavor of the rose water will be cut right through by the fresh lime juice and sweet green tea. Serves 8

2 6-ounce baskets fresh raspberries (or 12 ounces frozen, thawed)

½ cup sugar

2 cups brewed green tea, chilled

⅔ cup fresh lime juice

½  to 1 cup gin, to taste

¼ teaspoon rose water

1 1/3 cups chilled sparkling water

1 Raspberry Ice Mold (see below)

Unsprayed red and pink rose petals (optional, for garnish)

Ice cubes

  1. Thoroughly mash the berries and sugar in a small bowl. Let stand for 30 minutes.
  2. Strain the berries through a sieve set over a large bowl, pressing firmly on the fruit with a rubber spatula. Discard the seeds and mix the tea, lime juice, ½ cup gin, and rose water into the strained berry puree. Stir in the sparkling water and taste, adding up to ½ cup more gin if a stronger flavor is desired. Gently place the ice mold in a punch bowl, with the top side facing up. Pour the punch over the mold. Scatter rose petals over the punch, if desired.
  3. Fill 8 cups with ice, and ladle the punch over the ice.

Fill a small mold with water to 2 inches from the top. Add 4 to 6 ounces raspberries (the berries will float). Freeze overnight or wrap the frozen mold tightly in plastic wrap and freeze for up to 1 month. To release, turn the mold upside down and place the bowl under running water until the ice releases.

Reprinted from PUNCH BOWLS & PITCHER DRINKS: RECIPES FOR DELICIOUS BIG BATCH COCKTAILS by Jeanne Kelley and Sarah Tenaglia. Copyright © by Clarkson Potter/Publishers. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House.