5 Flower Arrangements for Every Type of Mom

May 1, 2015
2015 mothers day1

No two moms are alike – that’s why when choosing flowers, it’s important to pick an arrangement that really embodies your mamas style, taste and values. If she’s an earthy activist mum, you might want to consider an organic arrangement or something that looks like it’s been effortlessly picked fresh from your own backyard. Is your madre perpetually frazzled? Choose a soothing selection of flowers with calming lavender to bring her relaxation on Mother’s Day. Here are 5 flower arrangements that suit every type of mom.

  1. The Stylish Mom – You know the one. She wears heels everywhere and always looks tres chic. Fashionista mom loves the finer things in life and enjoys staying on top of current style trends. Choose the ultra-luxurious gemstone inspired arrangement Jewel Box, which includes hydrangeas, roses, lisianthus and veronica.


  1. The Modern Mom – The modern matriarch fills her home with contemporary designs and is a forward thinking individual. She loves avant garde and minimalist designs like the Phalaenopsis White orchid arrangement.

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  1. The Earthy Mom – She doesn’t need anything flashy or over the top. This earthy mama loves gardening and spending time outdoors. She tries her best to go green in everyday life and appreciates an arrangement with flowers like hydrangeas found in Garden Meadow.


  1. The Sentimental Mom – For moms who love sweet and heartfelt declarations of love,  send your nostalgic momma an arrangement of 10 Shades of Pink. It’s a bright and pretty collection of blooms that will bring a smile to her face.


  1. The Stressed Out Mom – Is your mom overworked and worn out? The calming scent of lavender  is the perfect antidote to relieve her anxiety. Elegant Beauty is designed to please the senses with a springtime mix of purples, pinks and whites.

2015 mothers day1

No matter what type of mom you were blessed with, there is always the perfect match out there for her when choosing a special flower arrangement  for Mother’s Day.

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    I like The Earthy Mom, this arrangement of flowers is really good.

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