House Plant Care

January 9, 2015

Taking care of house plants can become a full time job for some.

Whether trying to figure out if the soil should be completely dry before watering or if it should be placed in front of the window for direct sunlight or off to the side for indirect sunlight; it is all very confusing. In honor of National House Plant day (Jan 10th), we are here to help you out with a small cheat sheet to better help those who can’t seem to get their green thumb. We offer a variety of different house plants ranging from Peace Lilies to Chinese Evergreen.


A white amaryllis plant potted in a glass cube vase and topped with river rocks.

A white amaryllis plant potted in a glass cube vase and topped with river rocks.

Watering Care: The amaryllis should be watered regularly.

**If in a glass cube or pot with no drainage, the soil should be a little dry before watering.**

Light and Temperature: The plant should be placed in a sunny location to assist with growing process and then rotated to ensure equal growth of the stalks. Once the blooms fully open, it is best to move the plants to indirect sunlight to prolong the longevity of the blooms.

Chinese Evergreen

This plant is a native of the subtropical forests of Southeast Asia.

This easy to care for house plant is is adaptive to most climates.

Watering Care: Constantly moist soil equals a happy plant. Remember to not make the soil too soggy.

Light and Temperature: The Chinese Evergreen can not tolerate the cold. If exposed to temperature below 55 degrees, you can see grayish-yellow patches on the leaves. It is important to put the plant in well lit draft free area.


A tropical plant with large and variegated leaves.

A tropical plant with large and variegated leaves.

Watering Care: Like most plants the soil needs to be moist, but not soggy. In the summer time it is important to water the plant a little more because the planet drinks more due to the rise in temperature.

Light and Temperature: This plant thrives well in room temperatures between 65-75 degrees and loves indirect sunlight. During the summer it is important to not allow the room the plant is in to get too hot and to not let the sun hit the plant directly.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Popular elegant house plant

Double stem white phalaenopsis orchid plant

Watering Care: Your orchid should be completely dry before watering. Make sure all excess water drains out of the bottom of the pot. The plant should never just sit in water. Once dry, water your plant thoroughly, approximately 1-2 times per month.

** If in a glass container the soil be completely dry before watering. Over watering can cause the roots to rot, and we don’t want that! It is best to place 2-3 ice cubes on top of the soil and allow them to melt down naturally.**

Light and Temperature: Orchids like bright, well sunlit rooms, but don’t like to have it all  on themselves. Indirect sunlight and a room temperature between 65-75 degrees will keep your orchid happy.

Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

Common known as a "snake plant".

A beautiful display of this popular house plant.


Watering Care: Because the Snake Plane is a member of the succulent family, a lot of water is held in the leaves of the plant. This plant should be watered every 2-3 weeks or once the soil is completely dry. The Sansevieria makes for a great house plant because it doesn’t require much special care.

Light and Temperature: The plant should be placed in a moderately bright lit room.


This house plant is commonly known as a "Peace Lily".

This beautiful evergreen sprouts gorgeous white flowers.

Watering Care: The soil should be moist at all times.

Light and Temperature: This particular house plant prefers a temperature between 65-80 degrees and indirect sunlight. If the leaves are starting to turn yellow it means the plant is getting too much light. Brown spots and/or streaks mean the plant has been burned by the sun. This plant is known to be able to survive in a room with no sunlight or windows.

Succulent Garden

A magnificent display of succulents in a low compact design style.

A magnificent display of succulents in a low compact design style.

Watering Care: Before watering, make sure the soil is dry.

Light and Temperature: Succulents can withstand a large amount of sunlight. In extreme heat conditions they plant should be moved the a shaded area for sometime.

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