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January 2, 2014
Surroundings at Home: “THE TABLE COMES FIRST”
We work in many beautiful spaces and it is always a treat to be invited into a private home. This charming upper west side townhouse was the scene of a very special party featuring Adam Gobnik’s newest book “The Table Comes First”. The book celebrates the pleasure of gathering around the table to share good food with family and friends.
Many of the author’s favorite culinary ingredients were included in the warm, inviting table decor. Vintage books gave a nod to Gopnick’s  imaginary email correspondence
with writer Elizabeth Pennell (1855-1936).
A selection of vintage cookbooks, glowing candles and fresh herbs
at the entrance to the dining room.
Seasonal flowers were combined with ornamental kale,
cinnamon sticks, artichokes and herbs.
The author’s favorites: mint, basil, cilantro,
shallots, cardamon, ginger and more…
The delicious dinner was prepared by one of our favorite caterers 

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